Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dont look back

yeah so that mini-tour i did with H&A couldnt have been any funner. the first couple shows were pretty much an example of a band still "working out the kinks", but no regrets. by the time we played london everything was tight, and by the time we had played windsor it was unreal. not to gush, but i luh dat shit hard. windsor was hands down good times. me and jordan drank absinthe ($13.50/shot) and went to CHEETAHS, this crazy strip club across the street from the venue. i dont want to brag about being a dude-ouchebag, but it was voted as canadas #1 club by playboy... that being said, we stayed for one beer and just talked about how crazy/fuckedup these girls lives were. who has the time to practice upside down splits? anyway, we all had a really great time im sure. i definately dont want it to stop.
that being said againnnnnnnn:
i just joined this really mint london band called SINGLE MOTHERS last week and played a show with them at the bovine sex club on friday night, it was the most unreal thing to ever happen. i think i got too drunk to focus on having fun and playing the right bass lines, but it was still a good show. we trashed the stage afterwards. and it was funny bc all the bands were playin the same gear, so we had to set it all back up again, haha. the ex-cain and abel'ers the Teenage Kicks, were way too good and should prlly expect big things from them. but it seems as though im going to be a fulltime single mother, and it couldnt be any better. we have like a dozen shows booked over the next few weeks and are still booking hard for the summer.
pressure from the mom is harder than ever for getting a "real job", but im harder than ever for writing rocknroll tunes.
never gunna get real.

currently listening too ... THRUSH HERMIT, seen them awhile back with justis, ross, and sheldon on their reunion tour. joel plaskett is a kanadian king.

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this shirt is wicked. i want one.