Monday, December 28, 2009


sometimes I look good in the mirror
sometimes I don't

my goal in life is to forget that mirrors even exist.


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growing up never eclipses
growing down.


THE ODDS ARE ________

The odds are up

A bottle of red label sits on the stairs of a church. He sits stuffing his face with pizza. The girl of the evening is sitting next to him avoiding the fact that she is also starving. They don’t say a word to one another, but only to pass the scotch and doctor pepper too and fro.

He definitely doesn’t have anything important to say. But comments on the architecture of the church, hoping that she will be swooned by his ability to remain so thoughtful in such an intoxicated state.

The buses are going to stop running in twenty minutes. She holds off on telling him she’s leaving. He’s upset when he realizes that there will be no notch on the bedpost tonight. He assures her that it’s probably the best idea to just come back to his place. It was getting cold by the way. She doesn’t budge.

He wakes the next morning with an empty bottle of scotch, 1283 more calories and a pimple.

The odds are down


Well no one really knows how talk to a woman. Especially for a boy trying to be man, and a woman is acting like a girl. Its all some complex puzzle intended to sell a product.
I sometimes find myself with buyers remorse after having purchased some designer polo in the original hopes that some bright (or not so bright) young thing will jump my bones.
Hit and miss I keep telling myself. Its just hit and miss. Maybe it was because I didn't iron this damn thing.

Is your foot in the door when you've been in without the foot?
Were not designed to sell products, so why should we try and sell ourselves?
Im sold out
Can I keep my peace of mind? Or does that have a price too?
Out of stock
Sex is a sale bin for the broken hearted. Why not get two for one? Or at least a deal?
Hook me up

If there were a book for being a good person, I would, buy it. Im not sure if I would read it in its entirety but I would sure as hell have it as a reminder that the option is still there.
Can I buy this opportunity? Can I buy you a false look? Can I buy an interpretation? Can I put a sticker on the foreheads of females who give me a glance? No, no, no, just please . . .

Ring it through
Ring it through

The last thing I said was probably the wrong thing to say, and I said it with full confidence that maybe the next time I see a female, Id be redeemed by this really expensive (sweater, boot, jacket, shirt, pant, bottle of liquor, cigarette, etc. etc.) and all would be right in the dissonant thought I've bought.

Can I return this?
Its defective
Bad stitch

Simplicity is in nowadays right? THAT must be why I've been getting so little for a lot more.
The quote that "its not about what you say, but about what you do" is ringing through my head. And I don't know what to do about it. What is an "I love you" worth anyway??? Getting hung up on the new pillow talker, or at least the could-be candidates.

Cheap thrills
Saving up
Do you know someone who specializes in tongue tying? You see I've got this thing . . .
And nothing to show for it, I cant even talk about it anymore.
Buyers remorse

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Twenty-four hours ago I was neck deep in the sauce, forgetting the small brown hairs on her upper lip.
Forty-eight hours ago I was crawling into bed, already forgotten the way that we'd wake up together. I'de get up earlier, all the time, every time.
At some blurry minute in the morning, all the broken things I forgot came back in the perfect picture. I wish I could remember looking at that picture, but its long gone. All I got is a frame and two eyes to take snaps with. These hands don't do me justice, they indulge in all the things that my eyes wont ever get to touch.
And there I was early in the morning, trying to feel with my eyes, and look with my hands. Drawing out the pictures of how she used to touch me, even when she didn't want too.
Im awake now, I can see the minutes pass by, and I can feel the time fly.


what to do
what to do
what to do

who cares? why care? whats care?

lost in gossip
lost in tabloids
lost is space

all the things ive fabricated

just one
just one
just won

moment to savour the moment