Monday, December 28, 2009

THE ODDS ARE ________

The odds are up

A bottle of red label sits on the stairs of a church. He sits stuffing his face with pizza. The girl of the evening is sitting next to him avoiding the fact that she is also starving. They don’t say a word to one another, but only to pass the scotch and doctor pepper too and fro.

He definitely doesn’t have anything important to say. But comments on the architecture of the church, hoping that she will be swooned by his ability to remain so thoughtful in such an intoxicated state.

The buses are going to stop running in twenty minutes. She holds off on telling him she’s leaving. He’s upset when he realizes that there will be no notch on the bedpost tonight. He assures her that it’s probably the best idea to just come back to his place. It was getting cold by the way. She doesn’t budge.

He wakes the next morning with an empty bottle of scotch, 1283 more calories and a pimple.

The odds are down

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