Thursday, March 25, 2010


This isnt an abstract wanna be lit entry. im going to start just putting neato things on the blog (itll give me something to do) because ive been finding it so hard to transpose poems and short stories onto my computer. (the editing process kicks my ass, and i never get anything done, i end up hating myself trying to hackjobedit my own stuff) So im just going to start putting up coherent thoughts and things that i think are sweet. dont get me wrong, lots of weird shit is still in the oven. just not at the moment.

My friend Adam always seems to be on the cusp of really neat things and he showed me this band really, really late last night. To say the least, i was up until 3am listening to the Guelph, ON band, MEMORYHOUSE, and their version of Grizzly Bear's "Foreground" and a youngmillion remix version of their song "To The Lighthouse". ITS (WAY TOO) GOOD and reminds of that summery sunshine feeling i got when listening to Miracle Fortress's - Five Roses. I thought it funny that when Adam mentioned they had just played a really nu show in Toronto last week, they also had mad Pitchfork hype prior. It reminded me of this one time many moons ago when i had told him i went and seen John Prine. He replied with something like "he's not on pfork . . ." or something like that. So i just thought that was funny. Regardless, Adam has always been able to drop some knowledge on me for years, so hopefully im not killing his own hype for this band by trying to hype them up. (i went absolutely apeshit last night sending the links to people) Who knows, maybe youll enjoy as much as i did.


Anyway, college sucks. I have thousands of words to write in the next few days; though i have no real plan on how im going to do that. Friday im hopefully jamming with some friends then hitting up the FREE Bruce Peninsula show @ UWO's The Wave. Saturday i trek to
Toronto and look for exciting things to do (like find a Thrush Hermit or Black Lips ticket) then sunday? hopefully jam again.

Also, my new puppy is a baby. And like all babies, i have no social life except for cleaning up shit and (psychological) stretch marks.

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Malin said...

Puppies are the muse to parenthood, which inevitably is the way life goes for the most of us.
what i want to say
is something along the lines
of envy.

i want a puppy!