Friday, April 23, 2010

still dont know what i want to do with my life

but doing this would kick ass on so many levels...

So yeah, schools done. i hope noone close to my mother will read this, but school sucks. i want to make a living doing other things that dont involve going to college. i have been talking to a few friends of mine (who are also jet set on doing other things aside from school) about planning to do something awesome as a means of "getting by". I suggested forming and elite team of thievery in the vein of the Oceans boys, having expensive haircuts and wear fine suits. Cept we will steal things that will one day be valuable; like cassette tape collections, guitars, and college student art. Wearing handmade clothing from goodwill garments in the meantime...
IF THAT DOESNT WORK OUT - i want to start a magazine of some sort, and maybe garner enough attention to make a living doing what im doing; that being WHAT I WANT. Regardless, im 19, still dont feel like being formally educated, and would rather listen to and play music all day. Im sorry world.

currently listening too . . . Dinosaur Jr - Farm
(j mascis is the man ive realized)


Anonymous said...

You're Living All Over Me is way better.

Anonymous said...

You're Living All Over Me is better.