Monday, May 3, 2010


summers here, ive been out tanning already on the roof with my neighbour jeff. its foolish i know, but it was hilarious to have done it.
anyway, ive compiled a short list of things i need followed by a list of things i want. most of which has to do with personal finance. although (as in my previous post) i have this intrinsic feeling that i have to go about getting most of this in some other way than working at tim hortons or selling knives door to door...

- a job
- guitar setups
- rent money
- bill money
- lunch (atm)
- an education

- rent money
- bill money
- lunch money (atm)
- sweet pieces i hid at the thrift store i went to yesturday
- a job (somewhere amazing)

- oh yeah and one of these?...

ANYWAY, ive decided not too go about finding a summer job here in london because i am going on this (not really much of a tour) TOUR WITH MY BAND, starting this friday. We just finished recording a 3 song EP soon to be released on tape. then im hitting the road with my homies justis and brandon, as well as with the other guys in all that is HUNTERS AND ANGLERS from wellend, on. should be sweeet times, ive been rly looking forward to this. iHavnt played some decent shows with a band since like, highschool years ago. Plus im just looking forward to meeting people and hanging out. I wish there was a paid position that required me to hang out, read blogs, and drink beer. idk.

currently listening to . . . (a band from Sudbury <3) KILLING QUEENS, whom are also on tour this month throughout Ontario.

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