Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one of those things

remember when you seen your first music video, and you were like, "holy shit"? either in a good or bad way, but regardless you couldnt take your eyes off of it? its been a damn long time since ive sat and watched an entire music video. these days they are "self-indulgent minimalisms" "try too hard artsy" or too "over-the-top cornfests that miss the point"  (which is probably all the same thing i think).
ive been on a roots/folk-rock kick lately and decided to throw on some dr. dog. i dont download music or anything, so youtube has been whatsup for the last couple days. anyway, this video caught my attention right away. not only for its ultra sharp clean form, but for the juxtaposition of lyrical content and visual concept. it brings back this romance of the roller disco halls, a time of which i have no experience in. that said, what really crushed me was the comment right below the video. this person saying that his/her mother was one of the skaters in the video, not an actor, but a woman asked to be apart of this thing. something she probably had no idea of other than that she could pretend she was 22 again or something for a day.
one of those things you know?, that hit it home for you.

not to mention i love this song.

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