Wednesday, November 17, 2010

this is not a fashion blog

cept when i think of how much i need a new winter jacket, i cringe on how much money i dont have for the items i desire most. this brings me to the pinnacle of my desire.
nigel cabourn is probably doing something that is also at the height of its desire; high quality no frills garments.
for a man, i dont think that the word "fashion" should ever be considered in shopping (or as my friend would say "adding to the kit"(which is a fucking hilarious way of putting it)) but like any dude who knows whats up will probably not tell you, that its about having a keen sense of style, not fashion.
bringing it back to cabourn, his whole designing mantra is based on a romantic era of the pieces he puts together. he uses the toughest and most revered conventional fabrics like harris tweed and mac, nothing like italian-seal-skin-diamond-tanned-suede-skin.
whether its of sir edmund hilarys historic trek to the antartic or willfred noyces photographic expedition up everest, there is an inspiration to it all; and an example of historic 'manly mens' journeys to boot.
so bringing this statement back into perspective: close your eyes and think of zegna, prada, and robert geller for men (better yet google it). then take a look at these below. this is from an outsiders perspective, i could never afford any of these labels regardless, i would just like to see dudes like nigel cabourn eclipse all the above, or maybe just stay bittersweet forever.

ive only boughten one scratch ticket in my life, i won $10.

currently listening too... A LOT of Wilco.

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